Helpful Information About Traditional Furniture

Considering the fact that 1946, Old Colony Furniture has been the preferred furniture retailer for shoppers in Greenville, SC and across the Southeast. Ashley Furniture is sold via licensees of the Ashley Furniture HomeStore retail outlets, and it is the number one particular promoting brand of furniture in the U.S. Per Wikipedia, Ashley manufactures its furniture each domestically (there are manufacturing and distribution web pages – Ashley does not say on its web-site how numerous stateside manufacturing plants it has) and how quite a few overseas (China and Vietnam).

Yep, I felt somehow that Pottery Barn was trying to manipulate me into pondering that they manufacture hand-made furniture in North Carolina, exactly where the reality is likely that their furniture is only upholstered there. Within the Sear’s furniture inventory – which had sofas as low as $400 – there were no sofas or dressers turned up by the produced in USA search, and given that Sear’s doesn’t say the nation of origin, it is your guess as to where their furniture is from. I searched the internet for furniture sold by department shops, furniture stores, and on line.

Which brings up a fantastic point that should be described: It seems that Pottery Barn is not alone in only upholstering their furniture state-side, and that you should really realize that ‘made in the USA’ claims by some producers may perhaps in reality only imply that they upholstered furniture here, but that it was truly built, and the materials sourced, offshore.

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