Five of the Top Benefits of Hiring Tree Services

Having large, leafy trees on your property is wonderful. They provide both beauty and shade. They can boost the curb appeal of your home. Some trees bear fruit or nuts. And of course, it’s darn hard to put up a tree swing without one!

Nevertheless, there are times when your trees may need to be inspected, pruned or lopped. Let’s look at some of the main reasons to call Precision Tree Service.

The Safety of Your Home, Car, and Family

Have you ever gone out driving after a big storm and seen a neighbor’s tree toppled into their yard – or worse, into their roof or their car? Bet you thought, “Gosh, I’m glad that wasn’t my tree.”
The truth is that it could be. Storms are unpredictable, and nature is a powerful force. Tree inspections — with lopping and pruning services performed if necessary — is really the only way to forestall such damage.

The Appearance of Your Home and Yard

Sometimes we think that “bigger is better” when it comes to trees, and it’s true that a magnificent old oak is more impressive, and prettier, than a spindly little tree. However, in some cases trees can become overgrown.
When that happens, they may block your driveway or your porch, or cast so much shade that your backyard is eternally gloomy.
A professional tree service can let you know when sections of your trees are lowering the aesthetic value of your home, and take care of pruning for you.

The Health of the Trees Themselves

Trees can become diseased, weak, or infected. Sections of them can also simply give up the ghost. Fungi infections can spread to nearby trees, and of course damaged or diseased limbs are more likely to come crashing down onto your property, your shed, or even your head.
Maintain your trees’ health with regular inspection and maintenance.

Enlarging Your Available Yard Space

Is your yard crowded with trees? This can detract from their beauty and the overall appearance of your property. If all you see is greenery when you look at your home fro the street, it might be time to contract with a tree removal service.
Overcrowded trees are more prone to spreading disease and to ill health in general, since they are competing for natural resources. Removing one or more trees will improve the health of the remainder. It will also free up space for you to garden or simply enjoy your yard.

The Safety of Your Home’s Foundation

Damage from toppled trees is apparent, but there’s a hidden danger from too-large trees, too. That’s your home’s foundation. When a tree grows taller, its root structure spreads in order to provide nutrients adequately to the upper branches.
These roots are necessary for the tree, but can be dangerous to your home, because they can cause damage and cracks to the foundation. Keep trees at a moderate height by using professional trimming services, particularly if the trees are very close to your home.

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