Kitchen Design 

Designing a Contemporary Kitchen

There are a lot of decisions involved when designing a kitchen. One way to approach the task is to prepare a priority list of the features you want in your kitchen before you consult with the professionals that will be helping you design your dream kitchen. If necessary, adjustments can be made to the list as the design materializes.

The Layout

A contemporary kitchen has a sleekness to it that makes it looks crisp and fresh. This appearance is achieved with a layout that allows for ease of movement in the kitchen. Decisions such as what size island, how many eating areas and appliance placement help create a kitchen with good traffic flow.

Color Scheme

The colors you use also play a key role in achieving a crisp, sophisticated atmosphere in your contemporary kitchen. Black and white are popular colors for contemporary kitchen cabinets Greensburg pa. Both of these colors coordinate well with stainless steel appliances or black or white appliances. Tiles in varying shades of gray, bronze or other neutrals add cohesiveness to the overall kitchen design. Ceramic tile or glass tiles can be used to create a unique backsplash.


Countertops and contemporary kitchen cabinets Greensburg pa should complement each other. Quartz and marble are popular material choices for a contemporary kitchen. Quartz is often chosen for its durability, price and low maintenance. Marble is exquisite but does require more intense and careful cleaning.


One distinctive element of a contemporary kitchen is the inclusion of high-end appliances. All types of new technological advances related to kitchen appliances are often seen in a contemporary design. To keep things looking smooth and pristine, outlets are often hidden in a contemporary kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting is often included in the design to add ambiance and to showcase stunning countertops and spectacular tile designs.

Convenience is a priority in a contemporary kitchen design. Clutter is absent. Small appliances are often stored out of sight in order to maintain a simplistic sophisticated atmosphere in the room. A custom designed kitchen can be a dream come true.