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5 Hacks to Make a Small Home Appear Spacious

When you live in a small home, you might feel claustrophobic or cluttered, especially if you live with other people. Family is one thing—but a small home filled with roommates is another matter altogether. However, you can make your small home appear spacious with a few interior décor hacks.


Mount Mirrors to Reflect the Sunlight and Open Spaces

Reflective and gorgeous as décor accents, mirrors capture and send back light fragments. With well-placed mirrors, you can light an entire room without ever turning on a lamp. Not only a great way to save money, an illuminated room looks spacious and open.

Invest in a Double-Purpose Furniture, like a Storage Ottoman

Double-purpose furnishings are investments, for sure. Storage ottomans, for example, are fantastic because you can keep your home clutter-free with the storage space within the ottoman. Then put your feet up and relax. It’s comfort and purpose all in one.

Paint with Lighter, Soothing Colors

Lighter colors are naturally soothing to your eyes, mind, and mood. Colors should remind you of something positive and relaxing—such as the beach on a beautiful day, the stillness in the air after a cleansing rainstorm, or rows of wisteria trees in the springtime. Blues, lavenders, and even a few pastel greens are good paint choices to soothe your senses. Lighter colors also give the illusion of spaciousness by “opening” a space to allow more natural light in.

Avoid Loud, Bold Accessories

Loud, bold are accessories are okay in strict moderation—a polka-dotted rainbow vase here, some bright red and green Christmas curtains there. But too many of these tacky, vibrant accessories can be too much. If your room is overwhelmed with accessories, then you can consider those accessories clutter.

Shelves Offer Spaciousness and Tidiness

When you live in a small home, the worst thing you can do is accumulate meaningless stuff. Everything you decorate with, or own, should have some sort of purpose, whether it’s to relax on, clean with, or watch. However, some people collect things, like snowglobes from different cities or banned books from nationwide literary lists. In these cases, shelves are your best bet for storage, spaciousness, and tidiness.

When your small home just feels a little too small, you should strive to add space with the aforementioned hacks. The longer you live in your new place, the more décor hacks you will come up with all on your own. Plus, you could always garner start-up advice from a local remodeling contractor or interior designer.

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